Student Handbook

Wheatland Elementary School Student Behaviour Plan

The basic goal of discipline in Wheatland Elementary School is to develop and promote the growth of student self-discipline and to encourage and reinforce appropriate behavior.  We believe that the students, staff and parents share the responsibility for appropriate student behavior.

  • Students have a responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of others and be actively and productively involved in their own academic learning and social growth.
  • Staff is responsible for establishing a positive school climate in which structure; support and encouragement are provided to assist the student in developing a sense of self-discipline and responsibility while making a positive contribution to society.
  • Parents are responsible for establishing a positive learning atmosphere in the home, knowing and supporting school policies and encouraging their children to understand and respect them.

Code of Conduct

  1. I will conduct myself in a manner that will not interfere with the learning of others.
  2. I will attend school regularly, be on time and be prepared for class.
  3. I will conduct myself in a respectful manner with other people (no swearing, name-calling, rudeness, harassment or fighting)
  4. I will respect other people’s property.
  5. I will make restitution for any school property that I lose or damage.
  6. I will dress appropriately with consideration for others.
  7. I will not bring to school things that are harmful to me, others or the school.
  8. I will leave the school grounds only with authorized permission.


It is important that students be on time for school.  If a student late, parents are required to come into the office to sign their student into school.  Students are required to bring a "Welcome to School" slip to their homeroom teacher.

Student Attendance

Attendance at school is extremely important.  Poor attendance is the most frequent cause of poor grades.  A student should be at school everyday unless there is a justifiable reason.  These include:  illness, medical appointment and family bereavement.

Verification of Absence

Our prime concern is to ensure that your child gets to school safely each day.  If you know in advance that your child will be absent or will be leaving school early for any appointments, send an email or call the office to notify us.  If the child is out for more than one day due to illness we would appreciate a call every day just to keep us informed.

If the school has not received notification of your child’s absence, then someone from the school will call home, or the work place of either parent, to check on the whereabouts of your child.

Student Lunches

Students will eat their lunch in their homeroom.  We ask that each homeroom teacher either supervise or make arrangements to have the students supervised during the first 15 minutes of the lunch break.

Arrival at School

Students should not arrive at school before 8:05 a.m.  If the weather is unfavorable students will be allowed to enter the school at their assigned door.  We also ask that students use the doors that have been assigned to their grade level.

Safe & Caring School Environment

Please remember that volunteers, parents, and visitors to the school are requested to enter through the office doors and must check in at the office.  All parent volunteers are required to have a Criminal Record Check and Child Welfare Check filed at the office.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Change of Address/Phone Number/Email

Please remember to notify the school of such changes.  It is important that the school have some way of contacting you either by phone or email of happenings going on at the school.


Our school timetable runs on a four-day cycle, (i.e. Monday being Day 1, Tuesday Day 2, etc) with Fridays rotating.  The Friday schedule can be found on the school calendar.

Progress Reports (Report Cards)

Report cards are issued three times a year for students.  These report cards come out in November, March and June.  They will be emailed to parents.

Interviews following the first report card will be in November, and the second report card-March.  Parents should feel free to contact administration, counseling or teaching staff at any time regarding the progress of their child.


At 3:02pm when students are dismissed we ask that they not remain at school to wait or play.  Emergencies do happen and on occasion they may need to wait a little longer.  Please notify the office if that is the case.