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Wheatland Eco-Avengers Begin our Recycling & Composting Program

Wheatland Eco-AvengersWheatland Eco-Avengers

Thanks to our AMAZING grade 4 team of teachers and students, we are able to start recycling and composting Monday, September 11, 2017.  We encourage all our staff, students (pre-K to grade 6) and their families to participate in keeping our world a cleaner, safer place.

Remember - ALL FOOD ITEMS may be composted. This includes CARDBOARD, shredded paper, tea bags, and more! MOST of our Hot lunch items can be composted, UNLESS they have a wax coating on the box. 

Thank you SO much for your participation and patience with our Wheatland Eco-Avengers team! We appreciate all that you are doing to help out planet. 

Stay-tuned for Eco-Avengers "Tip of the Week" to help our school and families become more eco-friendly.